Memories of May….

May is gone and June is here!

But let us not forget all the good times had, like the time I had my ‘bottom’ splattered across every new outlet in LA. Oh the things we do for comedy. At first they seem like a simple laugh, next thing you know TeleMuendo is calling you.

That said, if you’re in LA go visit my former sketch team CLIVE RICE OR IF  YOU’RE IN CHICAGO come visit me at the Annoyance theater!


In the words of Beyonce -

I love you like ‘XO’


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Fall Into Some Laughs

If there’s one thing I take seriously it’s Halloween, and comedy. I hope you all had plenty of treats this Halloween. My friend Tim the Turkey and I, definitely did, however we lacked on the tricks…SO, we’ve decided to show case our skills at this months CLIVE RICE sketch show on Nov 24th at 9pm, iO West Theater. I can guarantee it will be hilarious or extremely awkward, most likely the latter of the two.

As for all other things comedy. My latest improv group, Nancy Kerrigan, will be debuting next Friday Nov 8th at the Danger Room comedy show. Hopefully the crowd will be friendlier than the name.

Also, while being funny with a team is great, I’ve missed the great wide open of have the mic all to myself, what can I say, I’m selfish. So check out my calendar for some upcoming dates of stand – up around town.

New season, new shows, new laughs!



For more info on my house sketch team at iO West visit:



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Beat The July Heat!

July is proving to be a hot month both on the streets and on the stage! I kicked off this mid summer month with hitting the mics around town with some new material and the great folks at the Ice House proved my theory that ‘I’m funny’ right!  Check out the calendar page to see where else you can see me on the mic or improving on the stage in July!

Along with stand-up, my new iO West house sketch team has finally decided on the name of Sensible Portions for the premeire (and run) of our hilarious squad of members. Come see what we’ve spent the last few weeks putting down on paper finally get put up on stage! For more info, check my calendar or

In other news, my love of entertaining and fitness have combined and I was fortunate enough to be featured on the ‘Burn This: Sweat On The Street’ website. Check out my interview here:

Well, that’s all for now! Stay cool and keep laughing!

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Summer of Sketch…and Improv

Well judging by the gloomy clouds that linger every morning it seems June and therefore summer have finally arrived! Along with the gloom and heat, so have a few exciting new improv and sketch opportunities.

First, I’m pleased to announce that my long form improv group “Schoolyard Chums” decided to dive in into the deep end and enter the 11th Annual Improv Festival at iO West. Luckily due to our talent and an amazing audience we didn’t sink but yet swam our way through the festival with laughs throughout.

Next up is my sketch update. While we are still waiting on word regarding SNL, I have gotten word that I’ve been invited to join one of the iO West Mainstage House Sketch teams(exact name tbd)! After our first meeting last night I’m really looking forward to the ridiculousness and talents that will take over the stage on the fourth Sunday of each month (starting in July).

So along with the change of the season came a few other funny changes that  I couldn’t be more thrilled about. Stay tuned for more summer fun updates!




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Media May

Well its mid May and what a busy month its been! With stand-up shows, improv shows, podcasts, photo shoots and an SNL showcase time has been flying by!

First and foremost, my preliminary SNL showcase! I’m proud to say that I knocked it out of the park with a few celebrity impressions, including Jennifer Lawrence doing charity work in Uganda and a handfull of homemade characters. My fingers are crossed and prayers are said that I have what it takes to make it to the next audition…since I’ve only been dreaming of this since the age of 10.

Improv, improv, improv…thats how I’ve been spending my free time, and none free time. My new group, Schoolyard Chums was just accepted to be part of the iO West 11th Annual Improv Fest! Stayed tuned for more on that and another group that’s in the works!

Lights, camera, fitness! That’s right, I was honored to be asked by Eden Sassoon to be part of her Pilates Studio photo shoot. It was painful but fun to pose for hours on the Pilates Plus Proformers in Beverly Hills. As soon as the pictures are up, you’ll know!

Also, on the fitness note, I stopped in 2 Smart Dumbbells last week to chat with Brandon about

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April Showers, Bring May Dreams!

In just a few short weeks I’ll be taking one step closer to my dream of being on Saturday Night Live! I’m still in disbelief over this fantastic news and can’t wait to showcase all my crazy characters! Stay tuned for more!

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March Madness!

Between improv, gathering new stand-up material and my winning debut on the Price Is Right, its been a hectic few months! I’m hoping that my winning streak will carry on throughout the week as I take the stage in two different stand-up competitions!

The first being Monday March 18th at Paladino’s in Tarzana, the show is free so if you’re in the area swing by! The jokes start at 9p and the audience will cast the vote to decide who is the funniest, most original comedian.

The second one, Im proud to announce is part of the iO West Scripted Comedy Festival. I’ll be challenging other talented comedians for the chance to be the opening act for Main Stage shows, plus of course, bragging rights. That all goes down  Thursday March 21st (where did the time go!) at 11:30pm at iO West.

Check the calendar for more details and as always, hope to hear ya laughing!


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I Won The Lottery!

Well, the improv Lottery that is. Yes I have been selected to be a part of the Lottery show at I.O. West Improv Theater in Hollywood.

The Lottery  features a student from every level of classes. This mashup of students comes together to form a hilarious long form improv show every Friday night for a month! That’s right, just a month! So don’t delay, get out and see me and my fellow peers asap!

The Lottery @ I.O. West - 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 12/21 @7:30 

For directions and more info visit:



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New Season, New Jokes

Well the fall has finally arrived and so has my new material! I’ll be showcasing it at the Hollywood Improv this Thursday night with Lesley Wolff’s hilarious and extremely talented ‘Fresh Faces’ comedy show. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this opportunity and working with Lesley has been a fantastic learning and growing experience and has opened so many doors…including one to truTV where I got to play a ‘white trash thief’! (Thanks Lesley!)

That said, the fall has also brought me into the infamous I.O. West program. Although I have years of short form improv experience with my team In Rare Form I thought I’d take advantage of living the same city as one of the best improv schools, so there I am. Learning more and expanding my improv skills and network. I’ll be sure to keep you posted about my progress and show times at I.O. West!

Till then, come catch me on stage this Thursday 10/11 at 7:30pm @ The Hollywood Improv OR Saturday 10/13 at 9:30pm @ Flappers in Burbank.



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The Closing of Summer

The end of summer is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! After an exhausting but fun filled summer, loaded with sun burns, work, adventures and both improv and stand-up shows its time to get back down to business. For reals! I’m happy and proud to announce that come September I’ll be enrolling in the infamous IO West improv to brush up and expand my long form improv skills as well as a new comedy writing course. So stay tuned for all good things to come!  In the meantime, go catch some waves while you still can (and don’t forget the sunscreen) ; )



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